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Vegetable tanning method uses only natural tannins obtained by trees. Vegetable tanning method makes leather natural as much as possible, Tannin is fundamental for the trasformation of animal derma in compact and strong material. The “castagno” (chestnut) is the most ancient tannin and it is obtained by the tree cortex, but also quebracho tannin is popular. The most beautiful peculiarity of the vegetable tanned leather is that the more is old the more is beautiful. Also the colour shade changes during the years thanks to the tannins. The bag made of this material becomes different during the years. It acquires the vintage style. It is important to remind that each leather is different to the others and it’s this carachetistic that makes the leathers unique and fascinating.


Besides the above information, our leather is a very little finished in the surface to leave the most natural effect. The color-fixing is very soft. The loss of the color is possible during the first use. If it happens is usefull to wash the stained dresses. To prevent it, you can polish the bag with a cotton handkerchief. We will never stop to remind that leather is not plastic and every veining is not a defect but a natural distinguishing feature of the animal. If you scratch the bag, you can polish the leather with your finger and the scratch will disappear. This is the main power of our leather. 




Washed is the opposite process of dyeing leather. In this case we use crust natural leather to produce the washed bags. We assemble the bags with all accessories, lining and zippers too. Then, the bags are washed into a drum and here starts the dyeing process. The fundamental action is made by the “ingrasso”, a substance similar to the softening or to the cream that we use for our skin. All the accessories can assume the vintage effect, they become opaque. After the dyeing process, the bags enter another drum and here they will dry. Each bag is considered unique because of this process. Also brown color can have different color shades from one bag to another. Street wise collection is suitable for people who love real leather and vintage style.