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Leather travel bag - Made in Italy


Italian leather goods are distinguished by an extremely noble and timeless character. For years it has been synonymous with prestige and quality at the highest levels. Hence, it is a matchless model for leather goods manufacturers all over the world! Inspired by the unique nature of leather processing, we have created the Officina66 shop, where we offer unique products from our brand and handcrafted products from the best brands in Florence itself. Our assortment will satisfy the most demanding requests and will surprise you with its diversity, unique design and functionality!

Spacious and light travel bags for every trip

In our wide range you will find leather travel bags that are perfect for every trip. Are you preparing for a vacation with your family? Or maybe you often go on a business trip? Regardless of the purpose of your trip, our solid and reliable leather bags will do their job perfectly and allow you to conveniently pack all the necessary things! Thanks to the use of the highest quality leather and craftsmanship, made in Italy travel bags serve for many seasons and invariably inspire with their timeless design. You can successfully take them with you on every trip and you don't have to worry about them getting damaged quickly or losing their beautiful appearance. The handcrafted leather goods created by Tuscan masters can boast excellent durability and over time does not lose its appearance, but on the contrary acquires a unique character!

Leather travel bags in the Officina66 store

The passion for the multi-generational tradition and the admiration for the extraordinary beauty of the handicraft products have become the inspiration to create a unique place, which is the Officina66 store. Our exclusive offering will meet the expectations of customers who see the charm of a timeless classic and are looking for an alternative to the non-durable and poor quality products of popular chain stores. If you are looking for fashionable leather goods that will survive many seasons unscathed and still impress with timeless style, you are in the right place! The Officina66 shop is a wide selection of made in Italy leather goods that will be useful not only during all trips, but also in everyday life. You will find bags, handbags, backpacks, wallets, shoes and many other handcrafted products that will delight you with their meticulous workmanship.

Leather travel bags


On any trip, each of us carries the necessary baggage. Some do not have excessive needs and manage to put all their belongings in a practical bag, while others carry capacious suitcases even for short trips. In this category we present high quality leather travel bags made in Italy, among which everyone can find the perfect bag for themselves. We offer traditional bags with comfortable handles and bags that are easy to carry on wheels.