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Leather Tote bags exclusives - Officina66

Leather Tote bags

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Leather Tote bag

It is difficult to imagine a woman without an elegant and practical bag! It not only has an aesthetic function, it is also an extremely useful tool with exceptional functionality! It is simply irreplaceable in many situations, especially when flawless style and appearance take on special importance. In this category of the Officina66 store, we present exclusive leather Tote bags to carry on the shoulder. Here you can find unique handmade items made in Italy, which impress with their meticulous workmanship and unique design. Women's shoulder bags will perfectly complement even the most sophisticated style!

Leather Tote bag, unique for every woman

Nowadays, it is increasingly difficult to avoid the look of a model. Each product is made in thousands of copies and mass production has become the standard. The side effect is often a very bad product, which leads to the rapid destruction of the product. Our Officina66 shop was born from the love for Italian design and from a long tradition of craftsmanship, still practiced in the heart of Italy, Florence. This is where most of the products in our offer come from. Handmade by Italian master craftsmen, women's leather Tote bags are characterized by exceptional durability and extremely precise workmanship. Officina66 offers bags from prestigious Italian brands - Pratesi and Maledetti Toscani - as well as leather bags under its own brand. Among the many unique models, every woman can find something for herself!

Leather Tote bags for women and more

Original, elegant and full of character, the leather Tote bags from our offer will fascinate not only adult women! They will also appeal to fashion-loving teenagers who want to look elegant in any situation. In our shop there are Tote leather bags, thanks to which every teenager will feel like a fashionable woman. An exclusive bag in a unique style is an unforgettable gift for a teenager who slowly becomes a woman and becomes more aware of her own appearance. The original design and many color variations will satisfy the taste of every young fashion lover!

Italian leather Tote bags in the Officina66 store

If our exquisitely crafted handcrafted products arouse your admiration, the Officina66 shop's unique offering was created with you in mind! You can find only high-end products made by Italian master craftsmen. Unconventional design, durability and attention to detail are the characteristics that have allowed Italian leather goods to gain an international reputation. Thanks to our offer you can also convince yourself of the exceptional quality of the handcrafted products directly from Tuscany!