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OFFICINA 66: Italian leather products of high quality


OFFICINA 66 is a relatively young brand, founded in 2012 for the love of leather products Made in Italy and the Tuscan craft tradition. The brand was created by an Italian from Tuscany and currently living in Poland with his Polish wife. The brand is aimed at those who wish to stand out in the professional field and during their free time, but always in close relationship with the true art of the Florentine masters. Because in Tuscany, and more precisely in the vicinity of Florence, there are the most important leather goods factories in the world.


The name OFFICINA was not chosen at random, it means: a place of craft activity, a place of dynamic change, in which you will always find something stimulating.


The fundamental principles to which we adhere are: quality, visible from the moment of leather selection, always Made in Italy, up to the finished product and the attention we pay to the customer, building a relationship of mutual trust and trying to fully satisfy his expectations.


A strong point of the brand and our main priority is to offer clients Italian leather products (handbags, briefcases, wallets, travel bags) made of very good quality leather. Our products are made of vegetable tanned leather, which is the oldest known tanning method. Vegetable tanning uses only natural tannins obtained from the bark of trees. This makes the skin obtained in this way a natural material to the highest possible extent. An invaluable feature of vegetable tanned leather is its dynamism, i.e. the fact that it changes its appearance over the years. It is even said that the more time passes and the more the skin ages, the more value and beauty it gains. Also, shades of color can change over time, which is also due to the action of tannins. Thanks to good quality leather prepared in this way, the leather products purchased from us are a purchase for years, of course according to the principle that who spends more - putting on quality - this always saves in the long term, and in addition can enjoy a good product with a unique Italian design, which pleases the eye and arouses admiration.


An undoubted advantage of the OFFICINA 66 brand is also the personalization service of purchased products offered. Personalization of the product allows to give purchased products individual features. It involves applying the initials of the first and last name (e.g. on a briefcase or purse), the entire first and last name (the offer applies to shoes) or the company logo, e.g. as a gift for your customers.


As part of the offered products, we offer products bearing the OFFICINA 66 logo, as well as MALEDETTI TOSCANI and PRATESI companies. MALEDETTI TOSCANI products are casual and vintage products, while PRATESI focuses on the timeless classic as well as a large range of colors and amazing color shades with a high degree of saturation.


As of today, the brand operates only online, with time it is planned to open the first showrooms in Poland.