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OFFICINA 66 is a relatively young brand, founded in 2012 for the love of leather products Made in Italy and the Tuscan craft tradition. The brand was created by an Italian from Tuscany and currently living in Poland with his Polish wife. The brand is aimed at those who wish to stand out in the professional field and during their free time, but always in close relationship with the true art of the Florentine masters. Because in Tuscany, and more precisely in the vicinity of Florence, there are the most important leather goods factories in the world.

The name OFFICINA was not chosen at random, it means: a place of craft activity, a place of dynamic change, in which you will always find something stimulating.

The fundamental principles to which we adhere are: quality, visible from the moment of leather selection, always Made in Italy, up to the finished product and the attention we pay to the customer, building a relationship of mutual trust and trying to fully satisfy his expectations.

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Officina 66

Italian leather goods, the highest quality can be found at Officina 66


Every woman knows that accessories play an important role in styling. Skillfully selected, they give each outfit a unique character and make it difficult to take your eyes off it! In the Officina 66 store you will find unusual collections of exclusive leather accessories that will perfectly complement your wardrobe. Luxurious shoes and bags with an attractive design, made with attention to every detail, will ensure that even a normal daily outfit acquires a unique character and a prestigious style.


Italian handicraft products - leather goods, born from the passion and love for fashion


Nowadays, handcrafted products are becoming a product that is worth its weight in gold. We are surrounded by articles of dubious quality produced in thousands of copies. Poor quality of workmanship is followed by short-term shelf life - such products rarely last more than a season! The Officina 66 store was born from the passion for high quality and respect for tradition. Since 2012 we have been offering unique products in the spirit of traditional Italian design. Every product available in our store has been created with meticulous accuracy, commitment and passion.

Italy is a country where, even today, the values ​​of tradition are carefully cultivated, and tried and tested recipes, unchanged for years, are handed down to subsequent generations. Combining respect for tradition with inspiration from the latest trends, Italian leather goods enjoy a worldwide reputation.


An all-Italian leather goods shop


An exclusive range of accessories and attention to customer needs are the main determinants of our shop. We make sure that our offer meets the expectations of customers who are looking for top quality products and want to stand out with their unique style in every situation. If you belong to this group and also want to get away from the repetitive patterns and projects we know in the famous chain stores, Officina 66 is a shop created especially for you! You will find a wide range of leather accessories that are a neat fusion of classic and timeless solutions with modern fashion trends. The offer includes handcrafted products of our Officina 66 brand, as well as products from renowned Italian manufacturers.


Artisan leather goods: check and choose the product of your dreams


Our offer will certainly appeal to those customers who appreciate the advantages of online shopping. You don't have to visit exclusive boutiques to conveniently purchase everything you need! Officina 66 is an online leather goods of the highest class. Here you will find Italian products with a unique character, created by the hands of the greatest masters of Tuscan craftsmanship. All this in a convenient online store! Unique leather goods are not an ordinary product. These are true works of art that will serve you for many seasons and in many exceptional circumstances. Over the years they will not lose their charm, on the contrary they will acquire a noble character and guarantee a long life for the following years!

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