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24H leather briefcases high quality - Officina66

Leather briefcase 24 H

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Italian briefcases are the essence of style and good taste!

The officina66.pl online store offers its customers the highest quality products that are created with passion and skill by Florentine artisans in Italy. Their traditions are handed down from generation to generation and each product they make is one of a kind. To make the accessories offered, the best materials are selected, among which you can find hides traditionally tanned with the use of vegetable tannins. In addition to traditional accessories, the officina66.pl objects collection offers elegant work cases that attract attention with their beautiful workmanship and functional solutions. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the prepared assortment, which includes exclusive 24-hour business leather briefcases for women and men. We wish you successful shopping in the officina66.pl online shop!

Business and functional leather briefcase 24 H 

Leather briefcase 24 H are a classic product much appreciated by consumers. The proposed leather conference cases are models available in four interesting colors, black and shades of brown. These are top quality products which, once opened, are perfect as a travel office. They have many practical compartments, as well as a double lock for a number combination made of brass. A captivating proposal is the 24H leather briefcase "Federico da Montefeltro" available in brown. This model is also equipped with a double numeric block. It has a spacious compartment, which can hold many documents, telephone, business cards, pens and many other items. Our shop officina66.pl offers many interesting proposals, such as: "Ghirlandaio" B215B leather conference case or "Tiziano" R499 leather case. These are just examples of our products. In this category you will find many other offers, among which we are sure that everyone will find something for themselves.

 24H briefcases for women and men

The Italian 24H briefcases are a product that will meet the expectations of men and women. It is a perfect complement to a business outfit, just like a leather case for glasses or a leather case for a notebook. With women's tastes in mind, in our online shop officina66.pl you will also find a 24H "Machiavelli" Slim white leather briefcase. It is worth noting that this model is also available in dark brown. This suitcase is characterized by a low weight, a beautiful design and an unmistakable style. For the production of this product, high quality Italian leather with a beautiful irregular pattern was used. The Slim "Machiavelli" suitcase also features two combination locks, a handle, a shoulder strap and ample space for storing items within reach. It will surely attract the attention of people with strong personalities and those who appreciate traditional solutions. This product is reminiscent of a traditional briefcase from years ago, thanks to which you will always be very elegant.