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Leather shoulder bags light and comfortable - Officina66

Leather shoulder bags

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Leather shoulder bags


Simple design, capacity, neat appearance and comfortable portability are the features that make the leather shoulder bag a great companion for any woman. Shoulder bags can easily accommodate a number of small accessories that no woman can do without! Thanks to their comfortable shape, they pass the exam in many situations: during daily walks, meetings with friends, going out to a restaurant or bar. Leather shoulder bags are a great choice not only for everyday use, but also for any important celebration. They complement any trendy style in a unique way! In our store we offer shoulder bags in Italian leather, made by Tuscan master craftsmen. At first glance, they attract attention with carefully crafted details, thanks to which they look extremely chic and create an aura of prestige. Elegant bags of Italian production will adapt perfectly to any situation, invariably delighting you with their timeless style!


Unique leather shoulder bags lasting many years


When buying an expensive bag, you usually hope it will serve you for many seasons. Unfortunately this is not always the case! Even expensive bags do not always guarantee the highest quality. The Officina66 shop was created for those looking for high quality handcrafted products. The Italian bags we offer are unique handcrafted products that have been made with passion and attention to every detail. The material that was used for their production is the best quality leather. As a result, Italian leather shoulder bags guarantee many years of durability and over the years acquire an even more noble character and still look flawless!


Elegant leather shoulder bags for any occasion


In the world of perishable and dubious products and rapidly changing trends, high quality craftsmanship is a real rarity. In Officina66 we appreciate the exceptional work of the master craftsmen and the uniqueness of each product made. We offer a select range of handcrafted products made of high quality leather. The Italian leather goods, which you will find in our store, will also serve you for many years, giving style and expressiveness to every styling!


Unique leather shoulder bags made in Italy


The Officina66 shop offers a wide selection of bags from renowned Italian manufacturers such as Pratesi and Maledetti Toscani. We also offer handcrafted leather bags from our brand, Officina66. Every woman can find unique bags that match her tastes and meet even the most demanding expectations. Practical leather bags and other handbags in a rich color palette will neatly complement everyday wear, as well as casual wear. Discover the unique offer of the Officina66 shop, where you will find only handcrafted products of the highest quality made in Italy!