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Learher Women's shoes OFFICINA 66 Size from number 33 to 45

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Prestigious leather Women's shoes made in Italy

Italian women's shoes made with the best leathers are characterized by an above average durability. The passage of time does not harm them, on the contrary: over the years they acquire a unique character and look even more attractive! The assortment of our shop consists of selected and handcrafted products made with high quality made in Italy leathers. Italian leather women's shoes arouse admiration from the first glance, enchanting with well-crafted details and unique Tuscan character.

Italian women's boots - elegant leather women's shoes for the autumn season

Autumn is the perfect time for women who love to play with fashion and surprise with original stylizations. The autumn season offers many possibilities and allows you to compose original outfits. The perfect type of footwear for this time of year are ankle boots that go great with trousers, as well as a skirt or dress. In our shop you will find a wide selection of boots made by expert Italian artisans. We offer exclusive footwear from the Tuscan brand Maledetti Toscani, in addition to the own brand Officina66.

Italian women's sandals - the perfect choice for hot days

Pleasant summer days are a great opportunity to wear stylish sandals that show well-groomed feet. In this category of our shop you can find leather shoes in many styles, including sandals that are perfect for summer. Solid, comfortable and in a timeless style, Italian women's sandals made by expert craftsmen always make an electrifying impression!

Choose Italian leather women's shoes that are unique in her style

Do you focus on the classics in your stylizations or do you like to stand out and prefer a modern and original style? Whatever your answer, Officina66 shop online meets your needs, providing a wide range of exclusive footwear in various styles. Full of character, handmade leather shoes made in Italy will fascinate every woman! The priority of our shop is to provide the highest class footwear, which are distinguished by their precision, craftsmanship and unusual character. The exclusive shoes that you will find in our offer are products created with passion, heart and love for many years of tradition. We offer various styles of shoes, thanks to which you will be prepared for each season. If you want to get away from the standard and repetitive fashion of chain stores, our offer is just for you!