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Gift Kard 4


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Gift Kard 4

Gift Kard 4

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Gift Kard 4

Gift Kard 4

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The OFFICINA 66 gift card is an intangible voucher (in the form of a file to be self-printed), represented by an alphanumeric code, which authorizes the User to purchase on the basis of the Goods offered in the OFFICINA 66 online store.


The card can only be used to purchase goods of a value equal to or greater than the face value of the card. An alphanumeric code can only be used once. After making the payment using the OFFICINA 66 Gift Card, the balance of the Card is cleared.


In a situation where the value of the purchased Goods is higher than the balance of the OFFICINA 66 Gift Card account, the User is obliged to make a further payment to the Publisher of the difference in price by transfer to the Publisher's account or by credit card. electronic payment as part of the DotPay platform.

The OFFICINA 66 Gift Card is activated with the delivery of the Card by the Issuer to the e-mail address communicated by the Buyer.


The OFFICINA 66 gift card is valid and active for a period of 4 (four) months from the date of activation of the card.


The user who owns the Card and makes a purchase in the OFFICINA 66 Store at http://officina66.pl/, in case of payment by OFFICINA 66 Gift Card, is obliged, after going to the Shopping Cart, to enter the code alphanumeric code assigned to the Card in the "Discount coupon" field.


Detailed regulations of the OFFICINA 66 Gift Card Click here